Parian figure of John Milton

Parian figure of John Milton



John Milton: (1608-1674)
A superb 19th century Parian figure of the epic poet John Milton.
John Milton was a poet, linguist and civil servant for the Commonwealth of England under Oliver Cromwell.
As well as speaking most major European languages he was also fluent in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and even Aramaic.
He is best known for his epic work ‘Paradise Lost’ and is credited with introducing more words into the English language than any other literary figure.
He was praised by such luminaries as Samuel Johnson and revered by the likes of Wordsworth, Blake and Thomas Hardy as well as inspiring countless works of art.
Among the words he coined that are still very much in common usage are:
Enjoyable, fragrance, sensual, besotted, unoriginal, terrific, debauchery, pandemonium and lovelorn.


Dimensions: 25cm x 14cm

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