Parian Bust of the Duke of  Clarence

Parian Bust of the Duke of Clarence


A rare, Parian Bust of Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward (1864-1892)

The Duke of Clarence.


The ill-fated and oft ill-remembered Duke of Clarence and Avondale was the eldest son of the Prince of Wales (who would later become Edward VII) and the grandson of the reigning monarch at the time, Queen Victoria.
Controversy and speculation swirl around the Duke with everything from his sexuality to his mental health being brought into question and conspiracies ranging far and wide from the Cleveland street Scandal to the Jack the Ripper serial murders embroiling him in their wake.
Most conspiracies today are widely dismissed but history has not remembered him well with British Biographer: Philip Magnus calling his death ‘an act of merciful providence’.
Theories from syphilis to poison to even assassination at the instruction of Randolph Churchill are among the possible causes of his death but it is now popularly believed he died during an influenza pandemic during 1892


Dimensions: 20cm x 11cm

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