19th Century Bronze Figure of King Xerxes

19th Century Bronze Figure of King Xerxes


A beautifully, detailed, full figure of the King of Kings, Xerxes (518BC - 465BC), in bronze. 


Xerxes I was ruler of Persia during its largest territorial expansion and although his forces overran mainland Greece he would eventually lose several key battles which, within a year had led to the effective end of his invasion. 

He is perhaps popularly, remembered for his part in the Battle of Thermopylae, where his forces clashed with the Spartans led by King Leonidas in 480BC. Despite their heroic efforts against the Persians, the Spartans were destroyed against the overwhelming armies fielded by Xerxes.

Xerxes' victory here led to the capture and occupation of Athens. 

He ruled until his assassination by his own Royal Bodyguard in 465BC


Dimensions: 34cm x 12cm 

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