19th Century Monochrome Watercolour of 'Eddystone Lighthouse'

19th Century Monochrome Watercolour of 'Eddystone Lighthouse'


This charming watercolour of Eddystone Lighthouse in a Birdseye Maple frame dates from the 19th Century. 

The picture shows the third lighthouse to be built on the site as previous incarnations had both been destroyed by storm and fire. It is located 9 miles south of Cornwall on the dangerous Eddystone Rocks which are submerged beneath the surface of the sea and was the first open-ocean, lighthouse in the world.

This third Lighthouse is also known as Smeatons Lighthouse and was completed in 1759 where it stood until 1877 until rock erosion around the base required that it be decomissioned. 

It was rebuilt at Plymouth where it now stands as a tourist attraction. 


Dimensions: 25cm x 19cm 

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