19th Century Bronze figure of young Mozart

19th Century Bronze figure of young Mozart


A superb bronze depicting Mozart as a young boy (signed Brouchon)

Christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart he was the youngest child of 7.

Tragically only his elder sister and himself survived infancy.

A prodigious, musician he began composing at the age of 5 and was touring Europe by age 8. 

It is here that our shop has a rather auspicious connection with the young Mozart, as No.9 Cecil Court is one of the addresses used by the Mozarts when they stayed at London to play before Royalty in 1764. It is also here in London that Mozart would meet a significant influence: J. C. Bach (11th son of Johann Sebastian Bach) and known as 'The London Bach'. 

It is said that Mozart composed his first symphony at age 8 and we here in the shop romantically entertain that perhaps on this site our history was touched by his genius.


The signature 'Brouchon' is that of Emile Brouchon whose body of work stretched three decades from 1880-1910. He was considered one of the finest sculptors of the Belle-Epoch specialsing in Clocks, Lamps and Statuettes and his work still highly regarded.


Dimensions: 28cm x 12cm

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